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on this site I present my do-it-yourself loudspeaker projects with focus on using low cost speaker chassis. Some words first to this kind of material:

At so a lot of disadvantages: why should anybody use this material?

In my opinion if you build up loudspeaker with very cheap chassis you need a loudspeaker measuring system to sort out bad chassis...

A last hint: I name all my suppliers and theirs products that you have a reference and / or a starting point for your purchases. I haven't any connections to this companies or any privileges. I hate it if in project description anybody beats around the bush like "you will find it in the internet" and you know nothing...

A short description of all projects:

is a tapered quarder wave tube (TQWT) with the 20cm full range chassis Rockwood / Senon DY811U.

I wish you a good time,

Last update: 06. January 2015